Welcome to the cabin!


It’s the first of December in northern New Hampshire. As we arrived home from a Thanksgiving weekend out of town, we were greeted by a blanket of fresh snow on the earth. As we schlepped our belongings in from the car, we discovered the indoor temperature to be drastically cooler than that outside! I (Kelly) propped the front door open to allow the (warmer!) outdoor air to come in while Jim set to work building a fire. A few moments later, as we sat huddled around the wood stove in slippers, hats, and mittens, attempting to thaw the brick of ice that had formed in our bucket of drinking water while we were away, it dawned upon us that it would be fun to have a record of this experience. And so the saga begins…

In actuality, the saga began on June 28th, 2013. This was the day when we exchanged our first home for a 5-acre parcel of land with a 16 X 24-foot cabin. Included was a wood stove, a sink and tile shower (we will tell you about the shower system later) that both empty into the ground through a single PVC drain pipe, a generator, and some hooks on the walls from which to hang hurricane lanterns. No running water. No electric. No septic (gasp!). 

Our plans were ambitious. We quickly set to work (with support from my father who has been a builder for more than 35 years) with plans to build a new home. My father drafted a set of building plans, and Jim and I hired a contractor. We would live in the cabin during the building process, but would soon be accompanied by the utilities that would be brought in to the new home as it was built. With the hopes of having our new home framed and closed off to the weather by the time the snow fell, and a move-in date of the Spring of 2014, we were set to begin.

Life had other plans in store for us. As I’ve said, it is now December first. With the house site cleared, and only the footings of a foundation in place, we have abandoned our building plans, hoping to resume sometime in the Spring. And so, here we are. Despite our parents’ gentle nudging, we have neglected to “just rent an apartment for the winter.” We have layered up in all of our warmest outdoor clothing, and have settled in to watch the snow fall. Cheers!

And fingers crossed…


6 thoughts on “Welcome to the cabin!

  1. Sue McCann

    Great idea! Thanks for setting us up with facebook so we can enjoy the saga. How do we get a copy to Uncle Muncle and Auntie Nanc?

  2. This will be a wonderful story to follow as it unfolds. I give you guys all the credit in the world for really sticking it out. Just think how tough and burly you will both be after a full winter of rustic living. Jim will compulsively carry an ax around, wherever he goes, Kelly will make stews out of roots and small mammals she catches with her bare hands, and Roland will likely take up gardening. Glasses held high!! Cheers to you guys!!

  3. Pip

    I can picture exactly what you are going through! I often wonder how you’re doing so it’s great to have a way to hear about your adventures. Thanks! Guess you didn’t have to “worry” about frozen pipes while you were away. 🙂 Best of luck!

  4. Sandy

    This is a great idea, it will be fun to follow your adventure! If you ever need a get away, come for a visit. Electricity, water and a comfy bed are yours anytime.

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