Coming home


A flight delay last night rejected our efforts to avoid coming home to the cabin late at night after a long weekend away. Jim and I arrived around midnight last night. Our “driveway” ( I use the term loosely) was covered in 8-inches of snow, a sparkling white blanket, which dictated that we park the cars and hike in. I inwardly thanked Jim for reminding me to stow my winter boots in my car as my super cute riding boots that I had sported throughout DC would have been just as effective in the snow as the wheels on my rolling suitcase…fortunately, Jim offered to carry it down the driveway for me. Husbands are a helpful addition to cabin living.

After enjoying a short hike down the driveway, we arrived at the cabin, and Jim set to work making a fire. I surveyed the damage. My first observation was that my warm winter slippers had frozen to the floor! As I pried them free, Jim noted that the indoor thermometer had surrendered to the cold, refusing to inform us of how frigid our little cabin had become while we were away. Today, we learned that the temperature had been somewhere around -15 degrees.

Fortunately, I’d had the foresight to carry a couple of loads of firewood inside before we left, which meant that the fire started up without too much difficulty. We stood, huddled around the wood stove, refusing to venture more than a few feet away. Rather than making the trip up the ladder to bed (we were not brave enough to travel that far from the fire) we decided to set up camp on the futon in the living room. We pulled out our sleeping bags and wrapped ourselves in cocoons, standing close to the fire to try to warm the down. We amassed a pile of all the blankets we could find and dove (as gracefully as is possible for sleeping bag mummies) beneath.

As we lay on our futon, unable to snuggle due to the absurdly puffy mass of blanketry, watching the steam of one another’s breath pass in and out in the only-slightly-less-glacial air temperatures, we laughed at the ridiculousness of our situation, and agreed that we had missed our little cabin while we were away. It was good to be home.


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