Cooking in the Cabin


You’d think that spending more time cooking hearty, nourishing meals would go along with our new hippie-crunchy existence of getting back to nature by living in a small, off the grid cabin. I wish that were the case. Since Jim and I have moved into the cabin we have mastered the art of one dish meals. Anything more than this becomes an excuse for take-out! While I would gladly eat the same meal for months at a time (case in point, my year of stir-fry during college), Jim has different expectations. Because of this, we are always on the hunt for new, simple meals as our current list of 3-4 options is easily exhausted. 

Last night we tried a new experiment: white bean and kale soup cooked on the wood stove! 






The wood stove did a great job! We had to switch the pot on and off of the trivet a few times in order to get the temperature right, but I have to admit, it was really fun to cook by candlelight and to make the most of the heat from the wood stove. The holidays have, as usual, been as much filled with cheer as overwhelm, a festively-wrapped package of connection and detachment tied up in a bow. Cooking soup over a wood stove helped pull me back down to earth. 


3 thoughts on “Cooking in the Cabin

  1. Sandy

    MMM, love white bean and green soup. Have you had dumplings? They make a nice carb addition to any soup and you just throw them in there to cook on top. That’s a challenge, I’ll try to think up some one pot ideas.

  2. Sue McCann

    Now that we’re re-connected to the internet we’ve been able to catch up with your blog. Really hope we see these chapters in a book someday. The world would get a laugh and some meaningful messages. Can’t wait to see the next edition,,,and the next and the next! Love, Mom/Sue and Dad/Jim

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