Let there be light!!!!


Uncle Dave came over today to help us complete a process he had initiated with us this summer- solar power! We now have a solar panel sitting in our yard that feeds into our battery- meaning that the generator no longer has to do all of the heavy lifting. It will certainly get more help from the solar panel in the summer than this time of year, but we had a few good hours of sunlight today to feed into the system. Most significantly, we now have two lamps that are powered by our 12 volt battery. This means I can sit in the living room at night without the generator’s serenade in the background! Ahhhhhhh….life is good! Thanks, Dave, for your expertise!


Speaking of light, I can’t resist including this photo- taken in our yard a few days ago. The sky was on fire! We live in a magical world 🙂



3 thoughts on “Let there be light!!!!

  1. Pip

    Gee whiz, you getting so “civilized”! I love, love, LOVE the picture of the Sky on Fire. You are so lucky to live on a mountain in NH.

  2. Lisa

    I have just caught up on the last few entries while sitting at bri’s gymnastic class – I love the solar panel idea!! Thank you for sharing this adventure 🙂

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